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Search-Focused Content Marketing

From working with dozens of blogs, we’ve nailed the formula to grow your blog to 100,000+ monthly visitors.


Leverage the expertise of our 1,000+ writers. We match you with the best content expert for your niche, so you get articles and traffic that converts.


Get your content on Google’s first page. Every article we publish goes through a rigorous SEO audit so every piece of content does its job - bringing in the right customers to your site.


Writing is just the first step. To get the most out of your content, we promote each article across every major platform relevant to your business while helping build targeted backlinks to it.

Some of Our Results

170% More Visitors in 3 Months

Spire asked us to fix up a number of their blog articles that were starting to do well. In 3 months, those improvements grew their monthly organic visitors over 170%, from 9,792 to 26,655.

95% More Visitors in 3 Months

When Ridester hired us, they were already getting 48,000+ visitors per week from Google. But after 3 months of tuning up their existing content, we grew that number to 96,488.

150,000+ Monthly Organic Visitors

We worked with Kettle & Fire to design their content and SEO strategy. In the three months we worked together, we grew their blog from 22,000 to 50,000 monthly visitors. Since then, they've used our strategies to grow past 150,000 monthly organic visitors.

140% More Visitors in 3 Months

For Self-Publishing School, we targeted 15 high-SEO-potential articles. In 3 months, those articles went from 890 organic visitors per week to over 2,100.

3,000 Visits / Week to a New Blog

We worked with the Location Indie team to launch their new blog. After 2 months, the blog was receiving 3,000+ weekly visitors, and ranking on the front page of Google for terms like "location independent jobs," "digital nomad insurance," and "nomad life."


"Growth Machine is a content FAUCET. Turning them on brought instant thought leadership, visibility, and life to our company's blog. The team is effortless to manage and you'll wake up to long-form, published posts that fit your target audience's needs. Highly recommend Nat and his team!"

Ryan Kulp, Founder at Fomo

"Nat and his team helped us create a process around content marketing and content creation that led to more than doubling our blog traffic in a few months. On top of that he sourced and helped interview someone we hired to create content full-time. I’d highly recommend hiring him, if I can’t buy up all his time first."

Justin Mares, Founder at Kettle & Fire

"Growth Machine worked with us for a few months initially to revamp 15 of our articles. By the end of that third month, traffic to those articles had more than doubled, and we were on the first page for 11 of them. I'd highly recommend Nat and his team if you have a site you think should be getting more search traffic!"

Chandler Bolt, Founder at Self-Publishing School

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